Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Between January 1st through March 31st of each year.

1. Submit a one page cover letter addressed to the selection committee stating the reasons you want to be selected for pilot training with your career goals.

2. Attach a one page resume outlining your achievements focusing on the selection criteria.

3. Attach a high school transcript.

4. Attach proof of residency.

5. Attach two letters of reference.

6. If younger than 18 years of age, attach a parental consent letter.

7.  Mail your package to Grand Aces Foundation, P.O. Box 216, Ketchum, OK  74349.  Or, Email your package to

If selected how do I recieve the scholarship?

Do to the nature of the training, applicants must pass a drug test, class 3 FAA medical exam, and a motor vehicle background check. Upon satisfactorily completing these items, you will be enrolled in a flight training program at a local regional airport,  The scholarship will be paid directly to your student account.

Can I lose my scholarship?

Yes, failure to pass the required ground training and FAA exam would disqualify an individual. Not being recommended to SOLO by your instructor pilot or failing to maintain an FAA medical would also be examples of elimination.

Is there an opportunity for additional scholarships?

At this time, no.  Our goal is to get individuals their private pilots license.  However, we hope to establish a network in the area of opportunities to continue your flying career and to build flight time.   Use the link below to find out about other Aviation Scholarships that are available.

Are you looking to expand the geographical area of scholarship applicants?

Yes, we hope to expand throughout Oklahoma, into Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas if funds become available. But until then use the link above to find out about other Aviation Scholarships that are available.

What does the scholarship pay for?

Everything required by the FAA to achieve your private Pilot License.  All necessary screening into the program.  Required Ground Training and FAA exam.   Required Flight Training, including the aircraft lease and instructor pilot fees.